Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

  • How long should I wait before placing my order?

    You should place your order as soon as you know that you’re having a party.

  • If my event is at my residence, will you deliver a few days before so I can have time to prepare?

    In most cases, we cannot accommodate delivery of rentals to residences days prior to your event.

  • Do you require a deposit to reserve an order?

    Yes, we require a 50% deposit to reserve rentals for your special event.

  • Does the delivery fee include setup of rentals?

    No, unless specifically requested or arranged, setup is not included in the delivery fee. Additional fees do apply for setup. However, we will leave the rentals in a convenient location to make setting up easier for the client.

  • When is the final payment due for my order?

    Full payment is due 14 days before delivery, or full payment is due if event is less than 14 days away.

  • Will you come on-site for consultations?

    No, at this time, Lux Event Rentals does not offer on-site consultations.

  • Once I place my order can I make any changes?

    Yes, you can make changes to your order up to one week before your event. If custom items are added to you order, i.e., special linen or special fabricated pieces, we ask that no changes are made to those items within two weeks of your event.

  • Can I walk-in to your office / showroom during business hours or do I need an appointment?

    Our showroom is available by appointment only, during business hours for those who want to view our inventory. If you would like someone to help you thoroughly we recommend you make an appointment so that we can specifically dedicate enough time to discuss your event.

  • Do I have to wash / clean china, flatware or glassware upon return?

    No, all we ask is that you clear any food particles from plates and place back into crates. For glassware, please drain liquid and put glasses back in the upright position.

  • Do you have a minimum order amount to qualify for delivery?

    Yes, your order total must be at least $500 for your order to qualify for delivery. Delivery fee is in addition to the qualifying amount.

  • If some plates or glass is broken during my event, will I get charged?

    We understand that accidents happen and we will not charge you for one or two broken glasses or plates. However, if a significant amount is returned broken, we are inclined to charge the customer.

  • Is your question not listed here? No worries, just let us know!

    Please send us an email to or simply complete our contact us form.

  • Do you charge a delivery fee?

    Yes, we charge a delivery fee for all rentals.

  • How much is the delivery fee?

    There is no flat rate for delivery. Cost of delivery depends on any special needs, such as timed or same day delivery and pickup, stairs and other contributing factors.