New Orleans, LA
10 usd / hour
30 Apr 2024
Full time

Work Schedule

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM | MONDAY - SATURDAY

Job Description

Warehouse/ Delivery workers work as part of the warehouse operations team, delivering items and packages from one location to another, usually to suppliers, clients, or other warehouses. This job involves loading box trucks and updating records and paperwork. Most workers work a full-time schedule, though many work additional hours as well. Weekend and holiday hours are common. This job often requires early starts and late finishes, depending on the delivery destinations’ locations and open hours. This job is well-suited for highly organized people who have experience working with customers, enjoy communicating with people, and have the stamina and physical fitness to lift heavy items in and out of delivery trucks.

Duties and Responsibilities

Load and Unload Cargo - Warehouse workers load and unload any cargo and make sure that the delivery vehicle and any associated equipment remain clean, tidy, and in good working order. They follow safe lifting practices and help colleagues lift heavy items to avoid injuries.

Oversee Delivery Schedules - Warehouse workers deliver a variety of items to various locations. Whether picking up items or delivering them, these drivers communicate regularly with clients or suppliers to ensure they’re aware of the delivery time slot they’ve been assigned. If there are any hold-ups or traffic incidents, they communicate these delays ahead of time.

Report Incidents - If there are issues with a delivery or problems with the vehicle or equipment, warehouse drivers relay this information to senior staff. They report any road incidents to a dispatcher.

Manage Paperwork - Warehouse worker handle the paperwork associated with deliveries, from receipts to confirmation notices. They keep an up-to-date inventory of delivery records to make sure the right items are dispatched to the correct clients.

Skills and Qualifications

Warehouse workers should have strong customer service skills, a good level of physical fitness and stamina, and effective time management. Typically, employers require a high school diploma and a clean driver’s license, as well as the following abilities:

Organization skills – strong organization allows warehouse workers to complete a number of deliveries in one day and make sure that inventories and records are kept up to date

Attention to detail – this job involves working with a number of items and clients, so warehouse workers need good attention to detail to verify the correct items are delivered to the right place and that the correct paperwork is filled out

Time management – because warehouse workers work strict schedules, they’re good at prioritizing tasks and managing their time so that all deliveries are completed on time

Adherence to safety – warehouse workers need to maintain safe working habits when lifting heavy items or equipment. They also adhere to road safety rules and regulations

Communication skills – warehouse workers work as part of a wider team and also communicate regularly with clients and suppliers, so it’s important that they have strong, professional communication skills


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